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A libell of Spanish lies: fovnd at the sacke of Cales, discoursing the fight in the West Indies, twixt the English nauie being fourteene ships and pinasses, and a fleete of twentie saile of the king of Spaines, and of the death of Sir Francis Drake. With an answere briefely confuting the Spanish lies, and a short relation of the fight according to truth, written by Henri Sauile Esquire. And also an approbation of this discourse, by Sir Thomas Baskeruile, then generall of the English fleete in that seruice: auowing the maintenance thereof, personally in armes against Don Bernaldino, if hee shall take exceptions to that which is heere set downe, touching the fight twixt both nauies, or iustifie that which he hath most falsely reported in his vaine printed letter

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